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Gum abscess: How to get it relieved? 3 years ago

When you notice a sudden pain and find that your gums are swollen or bleeding, you may have a gum abscess. Such a situation will need the immediate attention of the dentist near me. May you feel frightened about the condition, but you don’t need to worry as medical technology has been advanced. Therefore. You will be able to get a quick and effective treatment of it from an emergency dentist.  

What Is a Gum Abscess?

A gum abscess is a form of periodontal infection that can be defined as the formation of pus alongside a tooth. The main factors of the following problems may include food, foreign body, or residual tartar impaction into the gum area. Moreover, it may be caused by developing bacteria inside gingival pockets or bacterial superinfection. 

What are the symptoms of Gum Abscess?

Some common symptoms are discussed below:

Intra-oral swelling along with pain Severe pain on biting. Discharge of pus when force is applied. A feeling of tooth loss. Sour taste in the mouth.

What Are the Stages of Gum Abscesses?

Gum abscesses may be divided into gingival and periodontal abscesses.

Gingival abscess:

This condition is defined by the surrounding purulent infection that affects the marginal gingiva. 

Periodontal abscess:

This stage also involves a developed purulent infection which develops within the tissues next to the periodontal pocket. If left untreated may lead to damage of the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. 

Gum Abscess Treatment

The treatment aims to reduce the symptoms and spread infections to the further parts of the mouth. It includes drainage of abscess by making incisions over the affected area on the gingiva or through the periodontal pockets. If you have a periodontal abscess, dentists from DDS near me may conduct automated scaling of the periodontal pockets and use an antiseptic oral solution to rinse the mouth so that dead tissue and bacterias can be eliminated effectively. If there is a growth of an unwanted object inside your mouth, it will also be removed efficiently. 

In most cases, dentists will prescribe you antibiotics that will help overpower the infection. Also, he/she may recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever if required. At home, you will be recommended to rinse your mouth with saline water daily to reduce the swelling and ease the infection. 

Suffering from a gum abscess can be a stressful and painful experience. Therefore, it is important to follow prevention methods effectively. Moreover, go through dental cleanings at regular intervals to maintain good oral hygiene. It is the main and the best prevention approach for any kind of dental issue. Also, make sure to visit a dentist if the pain and irritation in the gums are severe to avoid further consequences. 


Generally, Gum boils result from bacterial infection. A person, suffering from a gum disease already is more prone to have it or if he/she has/had gone through a dental treatment recently. 

The infection may develop inside the gum tissue or it may develop within the tooth before expanding to the gums. Such a case requires immediate medical attention.  

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