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Tooth extraction: When Is It Necessary? 3 years ago

Tooth extraction is a type of surgical procedure in which a tooth is extracted from its dental alveolus. It is primarily conducted by an oral surgeon. However, it is also performed by general dentists and periodontists as they are also excelled to carry out the procedure. If you have a severe tooth infection or an impacted tooth, tooth extraction near me


Reasons To Have Tooth Extraction:

Tooth extraction must be done and deemed necessary during several instances. It is very important to know these facts so that you can immediately visit your preferred dental practitioner for proper advice, and to have the infected tooth immediately removed in order to prevent further harm to your teeth.

One of the many examples, when you require to have your tooth immediately plucked at the earliest reasonable time, is when it is already infected with hints of tooth decay. The contamination must be identified early in order to prevent spreading the disease to other nearby teeth. In this case, Emergency Tooth Extraction is imperative.

The growth of new and permanent teeth, in the case of children and young individuals, is another case where the tooth should be extracted at once in order to give way to the new tooth. If not extracted immediately, the new tooth might not be aligned with the other teeth; causing poor dental structure that may require placement of braces later on in order to keep the teeth structure in proper disposition. Such a type of condition requires an immediate Dental Extraction.


Wisdom tooth extraction is another common dental procedure. Usually, such a type of condition arises when there is an impacted tooth caused by the eruption of the wisdom tooth; the third molar on your teeth. In such a case, the patient may determine which of the teeth to be plucked; either the wisdom or the impacted tooth. You can get the procedure done by DDS near me.

Another instance when this is necessary is when braces or other dental appliances need to be installed in order to align the teeth. In some cases, a tooth may need to be pulled out during the installation process in order to keep the dental appliance well secured; depending on the current dental structure of the person. Hence, it all depends on the situation because there are also circumstances where dental appliances can be properly installed without the need to extract one of your teeth. You need to visit the dentist office near me to get proper monitoring of the process. 

Hence, if you experience or encounter one of the aforesaid situations then be ready for a tooth extraction recommendation from your dentist. Although there are still some other rare instances that extractions may be required, the aforesaid issues are among the most common instances.

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Tooth extraction cost:

The tooth extraction price may vary depending on the condition of the tooth. Like if the tooth is impacted, the dentist may conduct a simple or surgical extraction. A simple tooth extraction near me may cost between $75 and $200 per tooth and may be more expensive, depending on the kind of anesthesia used in the extraction process. The cost may be higher if the surgical procedure is performed such as it may be between $800 and $4,000.

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